Charity Poker

Now here's a couple of guys who look like seasoned poker players.

Amy Boylan, Robinator and Jesse Lobo with Chris Walker and Chris Haupt walking by.

Big Carl, Beverly Irons and John Ragsdale with Oscar Ybarra in the background.

Beverly and John - this time with John Eubanks in the background.

What do you think? Is Tom falling asleep while listening to John talk...
or is he silently counting his chips? That's Anton up to his usual antics.

Rob and Jesse

John [bear2904] and Amy

Ante up!

Hold 'em or fold 'em

Jeff and Rob

John and Amy

Kevin Garner [TheGambler] - winner of the 2005 Texas Hold 'Em Charity Event
Drag Bus designed by J.P. Hammond [2fast4u]

Charity Poker

© 2005 Connie Basham