ATG - People

Jeff: [...if I keep my eyes closed then no one
can see where they keep wandering to...]

Mike and Bill looking mighty relaxed.

Hah! I see Jeff in the background
trying to get a picture of me.

Xandrus showing Wayne Scott that all you do is
write down the number of the one you like best.

Xandrus showing Wayne here's a good one to vote for.

Wayne: "Hmmm....I don't know about that one...I'm still looking..."

Jim: "Wayne check this one out on the lower right, I think it's a winner!"

Wayne: [Jim's right, that one's not bad at all.]

"Okay sis, here's the one I'm voting for."

Jersey Ron checking them out.

Danny and Vince taking a close look at the entries.

Vince: [ soon as Connie stops taking my picture maybe I can
slip Sheri's Sledster in my pocket without anyone noticing.]

Scottie Bee with his 3rd Place Winner "Zit"


ATG - People

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