Light vs Dark Halloween Bus

After looking over these pictures, if you're still unsure whether your
bus is the light one or dark one, all that I can add is the following:

The DARK bus is really, really dark. Those getting it and seeing it for
the first time would be inclined to exclaim "Whoa! This sure is dark!"
Humor aside, the branches of the trees [from the sides of the bus]
and the cemetery markers [from the top of the bus] will be difficult to
identify when holding the bus at arm's length. Those who truly receive
the dark bus should not have any doubt about it [being dark].

On the other hand, the LIGHT bus is subject to being misidentified
as the dark one. I am sure that the numbers I'm tracking on my
spreadsheet include buses listed as "D" when they're actually "L".
If you're looking at your bus and wondering " this light or
is this dark?" odds are it's the LIGHT version. If you can clearly see
the tree branches and the cemetery markers without holding it in
front of your face, then you've got the light bus.

Feel free to email me [connie @]
with your bus info and I will add it to the spreadsheet.

Bus number
Cat - yes or no
Dark or light

If I already have your information and you now need to change
your bus from dark to light, please let me know that as well.


Light vs Dark

© 2004 Connie Basham