Hot Cases - Large Scale Insert finally designed an insert that will work with my Drag Buses.

These inserts are fantastic!


Large Scale insert shown above an Original insert.

The new Large Scale insert has a thicker base to support the additional weight of larger castings.

Side-by-side comparison of the Original insert vs the Large Scale insert.
You can easily see the thicker base of the Large Scale insert to support the weight of drag buses.

Original inserts fit 3 high in a Hot Case - Large Scale inserts fit 2 high in a Hot Case

Drag Buses and Dairy Deliveries can happily co-exist!

The new Large Scale insert is great for Hiway Haulers and Drag Trucks.
I don't have any loose Convoys or T1's on hand, but those would fit easily as well.
Though this new insert was designed to perfectly fit a Drag Bus or Dairy Delivery,
you'll find that it will be able to hold quite a variety of the larger castings.


© 2011 Connie Basham